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Philosophy of The Faculty of Engineering


The circumstances which universities are having to confront are changing drastically and quickly. Therefore, it is necessary for the Faculty of Engineering to keep pace with the rapid changes in the 21st century and to make our philosophy and goals clear. In order to promote departmental individuality and appeal, it is important to create our own FI (Faculty Identity). To keep pace with the changing demands of society on universities, we must constantly reassess our goals to determine if they are appropriate. We, hereby, state the goals that the faculty of engineering aspires to and define the challenges and policies we need to achieve our goals according to the Oita University Fundamental Plan.


We aim to contribute to the local community through the research and development of world-class science and technology, while at the same time cultivating outstanding human resources.


Educational Goals

Our goal is to produce students who are internationally recognized, self-motivated and who have flexible human resources that can meet international standards both in the fundamentals and in specialized fields.

Research Goals

Through interdisciplinary fields based in the material, environmental, and informational sciences, we aim to develop innovative research leading to internationally recognized state of the art technology.

Goals for the Local Community

Commencing with the public welfare and the environment, we must confront the problems for which contemporary society has been seeking solutions. We are also working to create new enterprises, thus contributing to vitality of the local community.

Administrative Goals

To face such challenges sensibly and to respond adequately to social responsibilities, the staff of the faculty of engineering will provide personal feedback and external valuation as well as the establishment of a flexible decision process and efficient administration.

Issues and Policies

Educational Issues and Policies

  1. Reform of screening methods for enrollment
    In order to deal with the declining number of college applicants and the diversifying quality of applicants, we are taking steps to reform our applicant screening. Also, we take a proactive stance regarding the enrollment of transfer students and working people.
  2. Reform of the education system and improvement of teaching methods
    By emphasizing fundamentals that in turn will provide a basis for more specialized education and by departmentally adding a complete educational system, we are working towards implementing an educational system which will link each department and the graduate school organically. We aim to improve the quality of education by implementing FD (Faculty Development) and by promoting new ideas about education.
  3. Unification of scholarship and practice
    We encourage student participation in combined lectures, demonstrations, and training to develop independent thinking and development-capable human resources.
  4. Insure international standards
    Along with a curriculum that meets international standards, we are committed to helping students to obtain the qualifications in engineering, English language, and information proficiency which will allow them to actively participate in activities in professional fields at an internationally competitive level.
  5. Enhancing students' sense of social responsibility
    We are committed to enhancing students' sense of social responsibility by instilling a knowledge or ethics that enable them to have a clear understanding of the effects of science and technology on the environment and society.
  6. Strengthening of employment support
    We are working towards developing a new employment support system, taking into consideration the changing economy, the variety of student tasks, and the changes in the recruiting system.

Issues and Policies for the Contribution to Society

  1. Promote creative and distinctive research work
    We aim to promote cross-department research groups and distinctive next generation projects that are strongly requested by society. Furthermore, we seek to develop new leading-edge scientific research through the reorganization and restructuring of doctoral courses.
  2. Training young researchers and creating new technology and new industries
    Our goal is to instill researchers with an entrepreneurial spirit and by organizing project research groups, we aim to promote the creation of new technology and new industries.
  3. Provide and enrich the research platform and environment
    To increase competitive research funding and to promote industry-university joint research, we are developing and reinforcing our support system. By these means, we hope to improve our leading-edge research platform and environment.
  4. Acquisition of exceptional researchers
    By selecting many exceptional researchers from among the public, we are committed to enhancing levels of scholarship and to making the importance of our research known to the public.
  5. Transmit research results to the world
    By publicizing innovative research results through variety of media, we hope to make our presence known to the public, which will increase the number of applicants.

Administrative Issues and Policies

  1. Establishment of smooth decision making system
    The goal of our university is to re-examine the functions and relationships among various faculty councils, thus establishing a smooth and democratic faculty decision-making system.
  2. Ensure the budget required for departmental administration
    To provide for an independent governmental body, we seek to create a support system to raise the required amounts of money for educational research from a variety of sources.
  3. Organization of administrative structure
    To promote mechanization and computerization, we are working towards building an efficient budget administration and making administrative functions more efficient.
  4. Promote self-assessment and external assessment
    Through the establishment of a departmental philosophy and goals, internal reform with self-evaluation and dynamic management, and thorough self-assessment we aim to receive public recognition. Additionally, we are committed to disclosing departmental information for the public.
  5. Organization of the academic research environment
    We are working on rebuilding existing facilities. we are also drafting functional campus plans suitable for achieving the educational research goals of the department of engineering.